Element by RA Rock Sliders

First and foremost, there are plenty of different designs out there. Whether they’re bolt on, weld on, square tube, round tube, rocker panel mount, frame mount, etc.; each have their own intended use and design.

Our design is specific to what we found necessary for our use on the trails and in everyday life. Our vehicles double as our daily drivers so a healthy relationship between function and form is very important.

Tacoma Double Cab Short Box Rock Sliders

“Why do you guys use square tube?”

Well, like we said, a marriage between function and form is very important. Our biggest concern with round tubing was the surface area. As an offroad rig, we wanted the safety of having more surface area to jack on or to push up on debris and obstacles with. This also meant less of a chance for the tube to kink or slip off a jack. 

On the daily driver side, more surface area meant that it would be safer and more comfortable to step on. Whether we’re just getting in and out of the vehicle or we’re trying to reach gear on the roof rack.

Tacoma DCSB Rock Sliders

The outer tube of our sliders feature a slight incline from the main tube under the rocker panel along the pinch weld. This adds a little depth and flare to what would’ve been a very two dimensional product. The bonus was body protection without sacrificing ground clearance. Even with the incline, we kept the outer tube level so you’re not jacking or standing on a slanted surface. Again aiding in safety while standing on the sliders or while jacking on the slidings from any point at various angles. 

Tacoma DCSB Rock Slider with Kickout

Our sliders mount to the full face of the frame. The purpose behind this was to ensure that any point of the sliders can be jacked on getting you out of some hairy situations. Our sliders are intended for bolt on use. Users do have the option to weld them on. Ease of installation is one of our design priorities as well. That being said, sliders can be installed by one person however, two people will make things much easier.

Above and beyond

As if all this wasn't enough. Our textured black powdercoat is a long lasting finish that protects your sliders form the harsh winter elements and road grime. The texture allows for additional grip when used as a step. 

As an added option, we offer galvanizing. This process prior to the powdercoating will prevent the sliders from ever rusting. Over time and use, as strong as our powdercoat is, the finish will still chip and wear. The galvanizing coats the mild steel we used to make the sliders. No matter how much road salt is used, our sliders will easily outlast the other components of your truck. 

Photos by Spencer Hogg