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The English translation of the Japanese term Gacchiri varies but generally means robust, solid or strength. It's fairly common knowledge that the chassis of the AE86 Corolla is none of these things, which is why we've developed a line of bolt on parts to increase it's rigidity.

The RA fender brace for the AE86 is the first of it's kind, constructed from a single piece of 1/4" thick formed aluminum and then fully gusseted and TIG welded. This design greatly improves turn-in and steering response by strengthening one of the weakest parts on the chassis, while not taking away from the 86's best weapon, it's weight.


  • 1/4" thick aluminum construction
  • Triangulated, formed, gusseted and fully TIG welded
  • NO massaging of the chassis edge is required 
  • Very easy to install, drill 2 holes and bolt up!
  • All grade 10.9 hardware is included
  • Powdercoated in our super durable black texture
  • Sold in pairs
  • 2.5 lbs each

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