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The Annex

The Annex is an added room made to perfectly fit “The” Softshell tent. It provides an extra 56 square feet of covered space, and offers a covered entryway into your tent. With the Annex you will get the most from your roof top tent - added functionality, protection from the elements, and extra storage. Use it as a place to change clothes, keep dry or make it a cozy room for your dogs to sleep. 

The annex features a front entry way with both a mesh and canvas door and a rear door that provides you with access to your vehicle or truck bed through the Annex! There are two windows that have both solid and mesh flaps that allow you to take in the view or give added privacy. All windows and entry points have toggle and loop fasteners that allow you to store the fabric out of the way when you want them open. The base is removable with a weather resistant heavy duty zipper. 

The Annex comes in two sizes, standard and XL, the difference being the height, the XL provides an extra 16” to accommodate lifted trucks and SUVs. 


  • A ladder mat is included with the Annex, to provide extra protection for the fabric between the ladder and the ground
  • Vehicle or truck bed access through the rear door
  • All high quality SPS zippers for longevity 
  • All window coverings and entryways have toggle and loop fasteners for conveniently stowing the fabric up
  • 5 layers of reinforcement on anchoring points
  • Added adjustable anchor points to provide anchoring options
  • Does not take away functionality from your shoe bags 


  • The Annex is made from 420D Polyester Oxford mould and mildew resistant fabric, seamed and coated for waterproofing and UV protection
  • The base of the Annex is made from 650d PVC waterproof material, providing a durable floor. 


Standard Dimensions   L: 96” x W: 84” x H: 74” 
XL Dimensions L: 96” x W: 84” x H: 90”
Entryway Dimensions W: 36” x L: 77”
Window Dimensions W: 32” x L: 38” 

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