Gas tanks on most newer vehicles are now made from plastic, which is great for being lightweight and saving fuel but not so great at protecting from rocks or even fuel theft! Unless you're fortunate enough to have a TRD offroad or TRD Pro model truck, there is absolutely zero protection provided from the factory. Even then, the factory tin is no match to this aftermarket alternative.

Our high strength lightweight 3/16" alum gas tank skid is the only one on the market to provide flanges on all 4 sides of the tank, which greatly increases rigidity. If your truck was not equipped with a factory skidplate you will be required to either buy gas tank straps from the dealership ($$$) or we offer an alternative that is much more reasonably priced. However, we highly recommend you purchase our straps even if you do have the Offroad straps, as the extended studs on ours make in install much easier.

Add multiple skidplates to your cart and use code NICEPACKAGE to receive $25 off per skid!

*Allow 1-2 weeks for production

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