Add a 30" Diode Dynamics LED lightbar to your order and get 10% off your stub bumper!

Love the factory look of your 5th gen 4Runner Offroad but need a little something extra? Our stub bumper is the perfect lightweight medium between a full bumper replacement and the plastic stock bumper. Featuring the lowest profile and highest clearance design available on the market all while following bumper contours and accommodating a lightbar and winch. We offer multiple options to suit your build requirements. You'll be able to maintain better gas mileage than compared to a full bumper and still be able to reap the benefits of adding a light bar, winch and additional recovery points. All this on a bumper that weighs only ~7 lbs over the factory components that are removed!

Like all of our products, you won't have to sacrifice either form or function. Escape with us, and our our products, into the outdoors. 


  • All aluminum bumper construction, 1/4" thickness for shell, 3/8" thickness for bumper attachment points and structure
  • Fits 2014+ Offroad 4Runners
  • Optional Cutout for 30" lightbar
  • Included lightbar mounting brackets specific to our bumper and Diode Dynamics lightbars (will work with most lightbars)
  • Removable tow hooks made from steel or optional aluminum
  • Fits 10,000 LB SmittyBilt X20 winch and similar with minor bracket and hardline adjustment
  • Easy access to winch controls through bumper shell
  • Recovery points are soft shackle friendly
  • Bumper Weight - 27 lbs

**Cutting of the factory bumper skin is required for installation.

**Does not fit pre-2014 or Limited trim 4Runner's

**4-6 week lead time

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