RA Motorsports


Our ZN6 bash bars use a unique-to-market design featuring square structural steel bars and CNC cut and formed steel mounting plates. Utilizing square tube has 2 main benefits, having flat surfaces makes them much easier to mount intercoolers or other ancillaries to, and the added strength of the tube allows us to use a smaller size tube and save weight. The 12ga steel mounting brackets and gussets absorb energy much better than a straight tube and spread out the force of an impact on the frame plate lessening the chance of frame damage.



  • 1-1/4" x .100" wall square hollow structural steel (HSS) main tube
  • 12ga Cold-rolled steel frame bracket
  • Full CAD designed
  • CNC laser cut and formed
  • No bumper trimming required
  • Available in raw steel or powdercoated (leave order notes for custom colours)
  • Uses factory hardware

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